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  • Become a Complete Web Developer in 5 weeks!
  • Learn PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS & MySQL in record time.
  • Learn to build a Facebook Clone.
  • Receive a $500 Design Credit to use towards any project!.
  • Become a better employee with coding skills or launch your own internet ventures!
  • Learn from an internet consultant to a public company, whose client work has been featured in TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and more!
Learn more about the Web Developer Course

The Problem

Becoming a web developer can be a very daunting learning experience. There are thousands of free tutorials but nothing is put together in a manner that makes sense and you aren't placed in an environment to continue learning once your in-class sessions are over. You've tried the go-at-your-own-pace courses but they are laden with bugs and lack support, for your endless questions.

Frustrated Woman

You are interested in coding because you know it's more important now than ever to acquire coding skills, even if you aren't planning to become a web developer. More and more jobs require technical proficiency, and becoming a web developer is one of the sure ways to bullet proof your resume or keep your job secure.

While the economy continues to languish, the one sector that continues to thrive is the Tech sector. Silicon Valley is booming and the only professionals facing job security are those that embrace this shift in skill set. In addition, we are entering the age of the developer and entrepreneur. Being able to prototype or code your own startup/idea, is very important. It allows you to free yourself from paying others, $25,000 and up, to build your company because you will at the very least, know how to put the initial project and prototype together yourself. (Or as in the case with most, edit the work your programmers have done on your own without the time delays and additional expenses)

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Investors look for technical cofounders and often turn down ideas if your team doesn't have one somewhat technical person to lead the charge. You don't have to be Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg, but you do need to be able to prove your technical expertise, even if you plan on being non-technical in your venture. Company Valuations are BOOMING once again and it's imperative you get in on the action NOW.

Even if you aren't looking to start a company, five to ten years from now, a significant amount of jobs will require web development expertise, even if its not part of the day to day function. More and more consumers are moving to the web and it's imperative to be become comfortable with web development. You can't afford to get left behind, just because you didn't major in software engineering. Being a web developer will very soon become tantamount to using a computer for Microsoft Word.(if that isn't already the case!)

The Solution

You're a smart individual that sees the landscape shift right before your eyes. You know that you need an advocate to ramp up your knowledge from 0-60 so that you aren't left behind. Someone who lives and breathes web development and will be by your side as your learn. You need to take a high quality virtual course put together by someone funded companies go to for help, that fits right into your already busy schedule. You need to take:

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About The Instructor

Ismail is the founder of Digitalvaliance, a mobile and web development firm in San Francisco. He is an entrepreneur and expert in web design, application development and internet related technologies. Ismail graduated from Stanford University with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, with a specialization in Computer Software.

Web Development Course Instructor
1000+ Followers
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Ismail has been programming and designing websites since he was 14. He is proficient with Adobe Photoshop and he is an experienced web applications developer using the LAMP (Linux, AJAX, MySQL and PHP) stack, and J2EE standards.

Ismail was formerly a Software Engineer at MyVest, a leading platform for financial advisors founded by a former PayPal and Intuit CEO. Ismail’s expertise has allowed Digitalvaliance to work on several celebrity and household name projects including eHarmony, The Game and Jude Law's non profit, Music For Tomorrow. For Digitalvaliance’s work on Music For Tomorrow, Ismail was asked to join the non-profit’s board, which includes Grammy Award Winners Wynton Marsalis and Dave Matthews . He also serves as the non profit's Chief Technical Officer.

Ismail has consulted and helped several startups and companies, including designing a number one iPhone application (besting Angry Birds and Facebook Messenger) for 2 weeks. He also serves as a consultant to a publicly traded biomedical company.

Course Outline

If you are looking to become a ninja developer in 5 weeks, at a flexible schedule that keeps you accountable, from the comfort of your own home then you should take our part-time course, beginning April 20th, 2013

  • HTML/CSS. Introduction to the DOM. W3C Validation.
  • Javascript, JSON, AJAX & jQuery Overview
  • Week Review. HTML5/CSS3 Overview. Introduction to Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Model-View-Controller Paradigm. Introduction to PHP MVC Frameworks (CodeIgniter, CakePHP & Symfony)
  • Advanced PHP topics. Importance of Unit Testing.
  • Week Review. Introduction to MongoDB & NoSQL solutions.
  • Introduction to Git & GitHub
  • Setting up Development Environment. PHP & MySQL Bootcamp I.
  • PHP & MySQL Bootcamp II.
  • PHP & MySQL Bootcamp III.
  • Web Scalability Issues. Begin Facebook Clone Project
  • Facebook Clone Project & Course Wrap Up.

Course Schedule


The lessons/videos will be put up on the following days. This ensures everyone is learning at the same pace.

  • Saturday, April 20th - Kick off
    • Time: 9AM-12:30PM PST
  • Tuesday, April 23rd
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Thursday, April 25th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Saturday, April 27th
    • Time: 9AM-12:30PM PST
  • Tuesday, April 30th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Thursday, May 2nd
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Saturday, May 4th
    • Time: 9AM-12:30PM PST
  • Tuesday, May 7th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Thursday, May 9th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Saturday, May 11th
    • Time: 9AM-12:30PM PST
  • Tuesday, May 14th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Thursday, May 16th
    • Time: 6PM-9PM PST
  • Saturday, May 18th
    • Time: 9AM-12:30PM PST

*All Classes will be recorded

Office Hours

On top of the lectures, we will have 1-on-1 20 minute workshops with any student that requires it via Skype. This is to ensure all of the materials make sense and to force accountability. Every student is required to take at least 2 of these before the course ends.

You will also receive access to our private form (more on this below).

  • Sunday, April 28th
    • Sunday: Between 9-1PM PST
  • Wednesday, May 1st & Sunday, May 5th
    • Wednesday: Between 3-6PM PST
    • Sunday: Between 1-5PM PST
  • Wednesday, May 8th & Sunday May 12th
    • Wednesday: Between 3-6PM PST
    • Sunday: Between 1-5PM PST
  • Wednesday, May 15th & Sunday May 19th
    • Wednesday: Between 3-6PM PST
    • Sunday: Between 1-5PM PST
  • Wednesday, May 22th & Sunday May 26th
    • Wednesday: Between 3-6PM PST
    • Sunday: Between 1-5PM PST


Your Home (or wherever you want)! No need to worry about gas, airfare, train tickets etc. Watch the lessons from your own home and interact with your instructor at your comfort. All you need is a good internet connection, headphones and a microphone.


The first weeks of the course will be spent working on fundamentals and foundations of becoming a complete web developer. We will then put this all into action in the final week, as we look to build a Facebook clone, with basic login, registration, photo uploading & friend-ing capabilities.

Facebook Box

Because we truly believe that education is a continuing endeavor and it can incredibly lonely learning development, we are also granting all students 3 months continued access to our private forum to ask questions beyond the 5 weeks of class. You will have 3 months to ask as many questions as you want/need, and our instructor or one of our developers will answer your question. We are also giving all students $500 worth of our award-winning design services, to assist with any projects you take on in the near future.

$500 gift card Online Forum


Additional Benefits

Incase you are still not convinced, here are some more benefits to
taking action right now


Idea Evaluation

Have a better understanding of what it takes to achieve your web ideas.

Technical Specifications

Have a better understanding of how to speak to your development team

Technology Stack Recommendations

You will have a better sense of internet technologies and will be better primed to make decisions your web ventures.

Make more money

Make more money at your job by becoming more technical. Save money with your websites/web applications by doing things yourself.

Rapid Prototyping

Build your startup part-time. Test it with friends and family. Get feedback. Iterate until you have a winning formula.

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There are only 26 25 seats available in each class, and we will not be offering this class often, to ensure that we can cater to our students and current clients. We look forward to meeting you!
Limited Seats Remain.
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Interested but can't make the dates? Click here to let us know.



Q: Who is this course targetted at?

A: Glad you asked! It is targeted at people who want to learn how to become a web developer by becoming proficient with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL. It is NOT meant for people with extensive development experience with LAMP stack.

Q: Do I need programming experience?

A: No you don't.

Q: What do I need to take this course?

A: A computer with decent internet connection. Speakers + Microphone (for the workshops so that the instructor can hear you)

Q: Why PHP?

A: PHP is a good language to make rapid prototypes. There are also tons of PHP resources and developers world wide. It is also the easiest to deploy language hence it is very easy to find hosting for your application. Most web servers with minimal/zero configuration can run a PHP application. Facebook and MailChimp are created in PHP. Oh and so is WordPress.

Q: Will we be building a facebook clone? Isn't facebook a billion dollar company with lots of engineers?

A: Great question. What we will be building, is more of a basic Facebook clone. There is no way we can reproduce facebook as-is, given the limited amount of time. We've identified a few parts of Facebook's functionality that we believe will showcase the theory behind what you will learn during the course and allow us to put it into practice.

Q: Why is the course so inexpensive? I've seen more expensive ones out there.

A: This is our first time making this course virtual. We offered it in San Francisco, and due to overwhelming demand, we decided to make it virtual. We are offering a STEEP discount for early students. We expect to charge $1500+ for future classes.

Q: How much does the course cost?

A: The cost only costs $997 if you register before April 3rd. After April 3rd, it will be $1199.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

A: Unfortunately, not at this time.

Q: What if I don't want the design/development credit? Can I save money on the course's price?

A: We think this is one of the added bonuses of taking a class with us, and do not want to diminsh your experience by removing this component.

Q: Is this course accredited?

A: No it isn't. Accreditation really means nothing in the web development community. At the end of the day, it's a question of can you code or not? Are you passionate enough to learn? Are you resourceful? Are your fundamentals sound? If certification is important to you, Digitalvaliance will point you in the right direction to becoming a PHP Certified developer and reimburse you up to $100 of your certification cost, to show good faith! The only 'signal' that may matter to some companies, is if you went to college, but this is rapidly changing as college is broken.

Q: Will I get a certification document or proof of attendance?

A: If you watch all of the videos, complete all of the assignments satisfactorily, participate in 2 workshops and pass the final test, you will received a signed certificate of completion from Digitalvaliance. This certificate however, is not accredited by any education or government agency.

Q: Will I really become a complete web developer after this course?

A: This really depends on your level of passion and dedication. We will teach you all that you need to know, to get going and you will have very solid fundamentals. You will always have our team to reach out to. At the end of the day, you will need to ensure you are spending a lot of time outside of the classroom to build your own fun projects to expose and challenge yourself with your new found skillset. The more you build, the more complete of a developer you will become. Even developers that have coded for 10+ years still have to reference books from time to time.

Q: Will you help me get a job?

A: Unfortunately not at this moment nor can we guarantee your ability to secure a job after graduating from our course. This all depends on you.

Q: Why should I take THIS course? I've seen cheaper alternatives out there.

A: So glad you asked. Where we differentiate with our course, is in the level of dedicated support we'll be providing all students, beyond the 5 weeks of awesome lectures. All students get $500 worth of design services (Some of our work has been featured in TechCrunch, PC MAG and other top publications) as well as 3 months of support to our questions to ask any HTML/CSS/PHP related questions. Plain and simple. Plus, our instructor will allow you to pick his brain on any tech/startup related questions you may have. Good luck finding a class that provides you with as much value!

Q: Are there refunds?

A: If a situation comes up that forces you to drop out of the class before it begins, please email us at least 7 days before the course starts. Our email is webdevcourse at digitalvaliance.com. No refunds will be given when the course begins.

Q: But, I have another question

A: Shoot us an email at webdevcourse at digitalvaliance.com and we'll get back to you ASAP! Please be advised that if the class fills up before we are able to get back to you, that we will be unable to grant you a seat even if you sent an email in advance of someone who has been accepted before you.

Q: I'm not sure if I want to sign up now.. when will the next class be?

A: There is no guarantee that this course will be offered course again especially as-is, with all the benefits. We strongly suggest you apply now.

Q: How many people will be taking the course?

A: There are only 25 seats in the classroom. Once the course fills up, we will no longer accept applications.

Q: Ok, I'm sold. Where do I sign up?

A: Right below! Click below to apply and we will get back to you within 1 business day. Congratulations on being an action taker!

Limited Seats Remain.
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Interested but can't make the dates? Click here to let us know.